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By becoming a member of the alumni, you will be a part of a growing family of 400 former students, parents and staff. One of them could be your kindergarten teacher who made a difference to your life several years ago or your long lost friend in kindergarten with whom you share priceless childhood memories. We hope that you will join the alumni and stay connected with EtonHouse and your fellow alumni through ‘Friends of EtonHouse’.

As a registered member in the Alumni Directory, you can:

  • Keep up-to-date with EtonHouse and alumni news
  • Receive invitations for alumni events and gatherings
  • Connect with other alumni on the EtonHouse Alumni private Facebook group

Be a part of this bustling, dynamic group of former EtonHouse staff, students, parents and friends!

Email and LIKE our Facebook page to join the EtonHouse Alumni.

This page was last edited on March 14, 2016