School Leadership Team



Jackie joined EtonHouse International Education in 2014 as Principal of the Luijuzi campus in Shanghai and now holds the role as Executive Principal of Shanghai Area.

Jackie has been in early childhood education for over twenty years and during this time has had a diverse range of experiences including Principal, Deputy Principal, teacher, curriculum consultant and university lecturer through out Australia. Through invitations from various government departments and professional associations in Australia, Jackie has had the privilege of shaping educational policy and practices in early childhood education through out Australia. These varied experiences enable Jackie to lead the Shanghai staff in providing an world class curriculum for children.

Deeply inspired by the educators from Reggio Emilia Jackie leads staff in developing and extending their teaching practices enabling your child to be part of an education that is meaningful and relevant to them. Jackie is extremely interested in how this teaching approach can be developed in the Shanghai context and the implications this has for children who are learning the additional languages.

Jackie sees children as capable and active participants in their learning. Your child is a natural researcher and curious about the world and Jackie sees the teacher’s role as one of extending and further developing your child’s nature abilities through respectful relationships. Strong relationships with families who are welcome and an important part of the pre-school is an essential part of Jackie’s beliefs and working practices.

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